Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Assignment #9: Classmate Blog Critique

 🎵 These are a few of my Favorite Blogs...  🎶

Blog Critiques text plus butterfly - photo from https://www.mostlyblogging.com/blog-critiques/
I enjoyed browsing through all of my classmates' blog posts. It's interesting to see the ideas that people come up with to write about.  I've learned about quite a few topics that I would never have known about if not for their posts, such as Savvy Shields, Roddy Ricch, The Source, or Morphe CosmeticsBlogging Tips Video

photo collage made by me, from the blogs above.

Everyone here writes in their own unique voice, and some are quite amusing.  Some seem to just write the bare minimum that they have to for the class, while some of us write, well...maybe too much!   Most of us just choose one of the standard Blogger designs when we set up our blogs, but others make their own designs, I believe.  Some have very distracting backgrounds (at least, that's how they look on my laptop). In my honest opinion, Blogger makes the text of their blog designs way too small to read. I usually like to make my fonts on here bigger because of that. I wish everyone did.😉 Blogger Design Video

These Are a Few of My Favorite Blogs - photo from https://bonjourdarlene.com/2018/12/13/these-are-a-few-of-my-favorite-blogs

Kobe, Rhett, Elizabeth, Austin and Max are the students whose blogs I like the most, for reasons I've detailed below.

Kobe Armstrong writes well, which I've noted many times in other courses.  His choice of topics is always interesting, whether he's discussing the PBS miniseries "Black Earth Rising" or Singapore's new anti-fake news law.

screencap of Rhett's blog

Rhett Gentry has a very humorous and unique writing style. He expounds on his subjects in an in-depth way, as he did with the James Bond article. He has a very outgoing personality, so his blog presentations are usually very entertaining, such as when he described the $2,400 ironing board system.  Also, his font style is nice and big, which I really appreciate. I'll even overlook his calling those of us who are 55+ "old people." 😜

screencap of Elizabeth's blog

Elizabeth Nalley's blog is probably the best-written of all the blogs I've read here. Also, she chooses interesting and diverse topics...everything from the TV show "Reign," to an animated Superman movie, to veganism, to Bollywood.

screencap of Austin's blog

Austin Vredenburg writes very well, too. Sometimes he writes very concisely, and other times he goes into depth, which makes sense because sometimes there is more to say, and sometimes there isn't! I particularly enjoyed his movie reviews, and his article about internet speeds.

screencap of Max's blog

Lastly, Max Wilf's blog is interesting to read, and he writes in great detail. The background he chose is colorful but not distracting.  I enjoyed reading his in-depth critiques and thought-provoking analyses, such as his blog posts about Chinese cinema and Social Media.

reading blog posts - photo from https://www.acecloudhosting.com/blog/best-accounting-blogs/

I had great fun writing blog posts for this class, and reading all the others' blogs, as I hope we all did. I look forward to reading the Wild Card blog posts!

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